What if the Hamilton casting trend catches on?

Michelle Obama's bold exclamation that her husband was going to "change our traditions, our history" is perhaps what helped the Broadway musical Hamilton ring such happy notes into the ears of audiences and critics alike.  I mean, does it really matter that in real life Aaron Burr wasn't dark-skinned, or that Alexander Hamilton wasn't Puerto Rican, or that other "old white guys" weren't really white?

And now, with the musical's tremendous success, what if the trend to play against type and to turn history and truth on their ears continues?

Three ideas are being offered here (perhaps American Thinker readers can conjure up others) that could provide Broadway with a huge payday if these shows ever made it to the Great White Way:

Jefferson 300: Imagine Thomas Jefferson and other Founding Fathers portrayed by actors 300 pounds or more (and the kicker: Ben Franklin is played by a short, skinny black guy).

The Color Purple (Sort Of): Hopi, Iroquois, Cheyenne, and other Native Americans help open our eyes to the plight of "people of color" like no African-American cast ever could.

Affirmative Action The Musical: Featuring an all-white cast.

Well, that's a start. And within five years we will probably be graced with a boffo new musical based on the man (the legend?) who saved America from George W. Bush: Obama Yes He Did!

I just hope the producers will be bold enough to cast Rachel Dolezal in the title role.

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