The Electoral College favors common sense

The Electoral College has once again done what seems to be its special genius to do.  It favored the common sense of the American people.

The presidential contest in 2016 came down to common sense versus political correctness – and common sense won.  Clinton embraced every politically correct progressive policy, while Trump subjected the dogmas of political correctness to the mockery and scorn they so richly deserved.

It is plain common sense that a country must control its borders or cease to be a country.  The grandees of the press and the other members of the ruling elite were beside themselves with outrage at Trump when he dared to make this commonsense claim.  It is also plain common sense that importing huge numbers of Muslims from the Middle East amounts to importing trouble and, in some cases, terrorism.  Yet the ruling elite made it clear that importing Muslim refugees is the politically correct policy.  Curiously, they were also very worked up about the urgency of getting certain boys into the bathrooms and showers set aside for girls.

These dogmas of political correctness are actually very extreme views – extreme because they destroy the basis upon which we can reason together about how we will be governed.  When our own self-preservation becomes a secondary concern and when basic beliefs about public decency are turned on their head, how can we find common ground about how we should live as citizens? 

The politically disturbed urban masses of America's largest sanctuary cities, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City, went for these strange ideas. Americans outside the big cities – the blue-collar workers, the farmers, the churchgoers – embraced Donald Trump's commonsense views on immigration and national security instead.

The Constitution and the electoral system it contains are the Founders' design for how we, the people of the common sense nation, are to govern ourselves.  The Founders, you see, believed we the people are capable of political self-rule by virtue of our common sense.  And we showed ourselves once again that they were right, and that we are.

Robert Curry is the author of Common Sense Nation: Unlocking the Forgotten Power of the American Idea from Encounter Books.  You can preview the book here.

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