Trump’s election is shaking up British politics, too

Is there anything Donald Trump can’t do?  His election is shaking up (for the better) the ruling British Conservatives, as a high-powered team (two top political editors and the chief political correspondent) at the UK Telegraph explain: Theresa May is facing a growing Cabinet backlash over her decision to dismiss Nigel Farage despite him being the only British politician to meet with Donald Trump since his victory. The Telegraph understands a number of members of the Cabinet and other Government ministers believe the Prime Minister's allies have made a mistake by referring to Mr Farage as an “irrelevance”. One Cabinet source also accused Downing Street of having "made no plan" for a Trump victory, despite Government claims that officials have for months been holding talks with members of his inner-circle. Mrs May has made clear that none of her ministers will be allowed to speak to Mr Farage, the interim...(Read Full Post)