Trump will win

I realize that most of the polls have Hillary ahead by a few points, the polls in the battleground states are very close, and it is difficult for any Republican to win the Electoral College because the Democrats have a solid advantage with California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, and other large states. But given all that, I find it difficult to believe that a person as corrupt as Hillary will be president of the United States.  We have had elections where there are clear differences in the policies of the candidates, such as Mondale vs. Reagan and Nixon vs. McGovern, but we have never had a candidate who everyone admits is corrupt and lies like Hillary. The main recommendation for Hillary seems to be that the FBI's Director Comey does not believe that there is "clear evidence" of criminal intent to violate the statutes dealing with classified information.  It is undisputed that she acted with extreme negligence by using a private unsecured email...(Read Full Post)