The real choice at the top of the ballot

The leftist socialists don't appear to know the first thing of what this election is actually about.  Most of them are fascinated by the two personalities: Skyscraper Guy and Pantsuit Lady.  But they are just a pair of mascots.  It's what they represent, the ideas, the actual ideas behind each of them.  (I know  who would have thought we'd ever get to ideas in this campaign?)

The reason why we not only reject, but disdain Pantsuit Lady is that what she represents is coercion.  Let that sink in for a moment.  She is about increasing the state's size and role in our lives and its uniquely invasive monopoly on violence over the individual.

Skyscraper Guy is about shrinking the size, scope, and role of the State in our lives, allowing us to be removed from the incessant claws of forced collectivism.

What you don't understand, leftist Bernie/Hillary/Obama person, is that you are endlessly prying your way into our personal lives and we don't like it.  We've had enough of your activist invasion into our interior private lives.  We don't like your ideas imposed on us, your stupid bright ideas, the damn reckless Obamacare scars you've left on our wrists, the lethal cuts Hillary's forced single payer will impose.  We don't like your overall cockiness.  Your intrusiveness.  Your victim cult crybaby legislation.  Your nauseating me-first European socialist entitlement demands for more free stuff, from college to health care to pregnancy and sick leave to free child care.  You represent everything that quantum physics warned us about: a dangerous black hole, an event horizon, an endless wind tunnel, a vortex of infantile and unworkable demands that someone else has to pay for because your undeveloped character cannot accept a world where effort is involved.

You are a moral perversion, a virus to the individual who just wants to be left alone  but you won't leave us alone.  You want to continue to extract from us and others who make a nickel more than you, because you are an amoral basket case.

Skyscraper Guy doesn't care about your feelings.  He's not interested in your perverted call for redistributionist violence.  He's a builder, not a destroyer, not a government employee who by definition is a tear-down artist, since taxes are taken without actually earning them.  He's had to meet payrolls and schedules and project goals.  He's a doer.  He's not a social justice "warrior" complaining that life owes him anything.

Meanwhile, Pantsuit Lady has sold each of your souls into her cult that the world does in fact owe you something for nothing.  That it's okay to extract property from others.  That you don't have to earn anything at all.  That all you have to do is exist and then vote, then repeat this process forever and ever.

The problem with that is that, just as Obama did, you attach yourselves to the skin of another like a tick.  That's what Obamacare was.  A parasite landing on the neck of the middle class to bleed them out in order to siphon funds through the the IRS Mafia into the bloodstream of another.  Like multi-level marketing, Madoff-style, Social Security on steroids, designed to implode just days before he left office, as it's doing right now.  Crash it; go to single payer with the next Democrat muppet.  All intentional.  All coercive.  All the time.

It's not about what team you like, which section of the bleachers you're sitting in, or even the score of the game.  Neither is it about Bob the Builder or Chairwoman Mao.

It's about you, leftist, leaving us the hell alone and not forcing yourself on us like Cosby tending the bar, waiting to refill our glass.  So grow up a little, become an adult, stop complaining, make something of yourself, leave others alone, renounce violence and be a productive member of society, and reject the politics of coercion.