Is there no bottom to this?

The latest pronouncement by the FBI director, James Comey, is bad news on steroids for Trump and his supporters.  Not only is he going to let Hillary skate on her felonious use of computers, but his reason for doubling down on his July decision is the real stun grenade being tossed to Trump.  It is Comey’s realization that his little bomblet named Weiner, thrown a little over a week ago, did not do enough damage to Hillary’s campaign.  Comey’s considerable sources are now telling him that Hillary will be president-elect come November 9, 2016. 

Who but the director of the FBI would have better resources to measure the mood of the electorate and count the numbers in the Electoral College two days before the election?  Little Jimmy Comey’s mother did not raise her boy to be on the losing team.  Without his current pronouncement, Comey would have been toast regardless who won the election.  Trump’s base remembering his July press conference would tar and feather him before booting him out of Washington.  Today, having played on both teams, he purred at Hillary’s feet, and she is buttering his toast.

I lost my respect for the DOJ and the FBI last July.  Last Friday, there seemed to be a spark of hope that our formidable law enforcement agency may, just may do the right thing.  Today, I know better.  I just don’t know who is left to clean the stables.