The crumbling Clinton criminal enterprise

Sadness reigns in progressives' America – a grief so profound as to provoke outbreaks of acute liberal insanity.  But the grief, anxiety, and outright fear affecting progressive America for the moment must surely pale against those same emotions within Clinton, Incorporated, whose future fortunes have done a disastrous one-eighty since early Wednesday morning.

Think about it for a moment: with no more promise of future access to the presidential inner circle, what third-world government or major global enterprise truly wants to pay a cool half-mil to a now not so cool Bill for his special insights?  Do you suppose that all those Wall Street swells are breathlessly waiting to hear the unique perspectives of a now not the first female president at a tidy 250 grand a pop?  Sure they are.

But of course, the influence-peddling speeches were just chump change, mere walking around money for high rollers like Hill and Bill.  The real cash, the huge multi-million-dollar payoffs that even bought pre-presidential secretary of state access, has until now come in the form of donations to the various non-profit entities the Clintons created to funnel their filthy lucre into – huge amounts of cash that could be washed, rinsed, dried, possibly even nationally dyed before being made available to maintain their one-percent lifestyle.  It occurs to me that perhaps there is no longer a waiting list of sheiks and Middle Eastern potentates eager to pony up petro-dollars to ensure that a Clinton presidency maintains a firm grip on the now closed tap of federal petroleum resources, as the current occupant of the Oval Office long has.

In six months or so, when the new U.S. attorney general appoints a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton Foundation and all its related entities, does any of us really believe that Fortune 500 companies are going to be as keen as they once were to have themselves listed as donors to anything that has the Clinton brand on it?  Without the family-White House link, will billionaires feel so warmly inclined toward neophyte investor and Clinton son-in-law Mark Mezvinsky, whose now defunct Greek hedge fund apparently "lost" huge sums of its investments?  Ever wonder just where "lost" investments end up?

What could be even more disastrous for the Clintons would be if many of the major donors to their charities should decide they've been sold a bill of goods and demand refunds of very substantial quids, for which there will not now, nor ever, be the much anticipated quos.  With reports that very little of the Clinton charitable donations have actually been applied to charitable deeds, such donors would seem to have a reasonably credible motive for demanding that their donations be returned.  Just a few demands could trigger a financial run on the charity itself and multiple lawsuits against other associated Clinton business enterprises, for profit or not.  How could the Clintons defend against such claims, with the response that the donations were actually made to obtain political favor?

With new donations dwindling and donors demanding refunds, lawsuits piling up, and an aggressive special prosecutor seeking evidence of ongoing crimes, it's quite likely that the future is not going to be quite as rosy as the Clintons had pictured it prior to Tuesday.  It is even more likely that it's going to end in a way that at least half of America is going to find extremely gratifying.

It's my opinion that the idea of Crooked Hillary escaping justice was a hugely motivating factor for voting against her, even by those who didn't like Trump.  They were adamant they did not want to see the Democrats reward her for her corruption.

And for those of you who will be quick to respond that Obama will simply pardon the Clintons, you will only be partially correct.  He can pardon them for federal offenses.  However, he has no authority to pardon them for future federal offenses, from state offenses, or from civil lawsuits arising from their corrupt behaviors.  That reality leaves a lot of prosecutorial and litigation doors open to a pair of grifters with a long list of political enemies.

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