Scott Adams, the new superstar pundit

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!  An embarrassed pundit class – the conservative NeverTrumps most of all must acknowledge they collectively did not know anything useful about politics as practiced by Donald Trump.  It is a crushing blow, one handled with varying levels of grace, from humble pie... angry demands on Trump supporters.

But one pundit, a complete outsider to the salons of Georgetown and the studios of Fox News, all along predicted what would happen, and did so in original and enlightening terms.  Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, has to be acknowledged for proving himself the superstar of pundits.  He gets it better than anyone else writing about the Trump campaign.  (Incidentally, the silver medal goes to Roger L. Simon of Pajamas Media.)

His newest column, posted to the Dilbert Blog (there is nothing pretentious about Scott), takes a well deserved bow, but more importantly makes some predictions that all the failed pundits need to take a look at.  His introduction contains a dramatic prediction about what president Trump will do and the shrewdest political advice for conservatives I have seen since Trump’s victory:

Did the United States Just Elect a Monster?

No. Clinton’s team of cognitive scientists and professional persuaders did a terrific job of framing Trump as scary. The illusion will wear off – albeit slowly – as you observe Trump going about the job of President and taking it seriously. You can expect him to adjust his tone and language going forward. You can expect foreign leaders to say they can work with him. You can expect him to focus on unifying an exhausted and nervous country. And you can expect him to succeed in doing so. (He’s persuasive.) Watch as Trump turns to healing. You’re going to be surprised how well he does it. But give it time.

I’ll be doing my persuasive best to help our new president unify the country. I’m not a monster either – just a little bit deplorable when the situation calls for it. And I would ask other Trump supporters to step up and be useful as well. If you helped elect Trump, you have a responsibility to calm the nerves of Clinton supporters who also have their country’s best interests in mind. Let’s all be worthy of our decisions.

Scott explains how he was able to see what others missed.  This is essential reading for anyone who wants to see where President Trump will take us.

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