Progressive Hollywood icon: DNC is ‘completely corrupt’

America’s left wing is divided over Hillary Clinton, and even though the media prefer to ignore the story and pretend that only the GOP has significant internal resistance to its nominee.  Bernie Sanders, who once led a wildly enthusiastic rebellion against the candidate who made millions from secret speeches to global financial elites, has fully submitted to the weight of the establishment. Yesterday, in North Carolina, he completed his self-degradation. Bernie Sanders was effusive in his praise of Hillary Clinton. The Democratic nominee returned the favor, declaring how much fun it was to be running with him, not against him. And together, Clinton and Sanders delivered a tag-team assault on Donald Trump before a crowd of more than 5,000 here, alternately mocking the Republican for his inflated ego and warning of the danger he could pose in the Oval Office. "I disagree with Donald Trump on virtually all of his policy positions. But what upsets me the...(Read Full Post)