My election night on Hispanic TV

On election night, I was the GOP analyst in the coverage for Telemundo Dallas. I was not a Trump supporter in the primaries.  However, he did something rather amazing on election day.  It was truly awesome.  He deserves full credit and now total support from the GOP. Hillary Clinton was a horrible and corrupt candidate.  The Democrats sold their soul to the Clintons, and this is what they got.  How did they nominate a woman who used a private server to carry out secret diplomatic business?  Are you kidding me?    Hispanic Democrat leaders thought they would win by simply calling Trump a monster.  Instead, Hispanics actually wanted to hear about Obamacare, the lousy Obama economy, and the public schools that most elected Hispanic legislators do not send their kids to.  In other words, calling Trump a monster had a limited value, because Obamacare premium notices were more important.    Blacks did not...(Read Full Post)