Hillary worried about Pennsylvania

Hillary must be concerned and worried about the vote in Pennsylvania because she and her surrogates have been campaigning there, and in Pittsburgh specifically, every day. Yesterday, Hillary was in Pittsburgh.  Last week Bon Jovi was at the University of Pittsburgh trying to rally the students.  Two weeks ago, Hillary and Kaine were in Pittsburgh's 14th Ward, a predominantly very liberal section home to many college professors, doctors, lawyers, and historically the "Jewish" area of Pittsburgh.  Hillary is trying to rally her base.  Hillary is up an average 3 points, but she is spending lots of time and money in Pennsylvania.  The Senate race between Republican Pat Toomey and Democrat Katie McGinty shows McGinty with a slight lead.  Toomey is another weak Republican, like Paul Ryan, who has not endorsed or supported Trump. As reported on 08/24/2016: Pennsylvania's Democratic registration edge has shrunk from 1,135,173 to...(Read Full Post)