Dumbest article of the week

One of the dumbest articles ever is out there this week by the Associated Press and others saying that the Arctic icecaps are melting because humans drive their cars. I wonder if the reporters ever have questions why the icecaps sometimes thicken, since people keep driving?  Do they ever wonder why the Antarctic ice isn’t melting since the experts say CO2 causes warming? Why doesn’t ice melt everywhere? Do they wonder why the Earth was estimated to be a few degrees warmer 1,000 years ago? What caused the warming then, since it wasn’t fossil fuels? In the 1920’s the fear mongers were saying exactly what they are today and yet the Earth cooled and the ice came back. The Earth cooled so much from 1945 to 1976 that the “experts” started scaring the people about a coming ice age. Then they switched again to the threat of warming. It is all garbage. The following was in a Washington Post article by the Associated Press on November 22, 1922,...(Read Full Post)