'You’d be in jail'

Charles Krauthammer is outraged that a candidate for president would threaten to jail another candidate. He feels that it relegates us to true banana republic status.  On the face of it, it does seem third-world-dictator-stuff to do so. Unless, of course, that other candidate is guilty of crimes against the American people. Then maybe it would be banana-republicish to let her walk. Did we lose sight of the fact that Hillary Clinton sold the Department of State to the highest international bidder? That she hung state secrets of the United States on the Internet clothesline like so much laundry?  Did Krauthammer prove himself yet again out-of-touch, as so many Americans silently shouted “Yes!!” when Trump threatened to prosecute her?  Americans have been played for fools by so many for so long. We’ve now just seen a director of the FBI betray his oath of office to wink and look away at a crime that would have...(Read Full Post)