What if Trump is Right About the Women?

We have a media frenzy that declares Donald Trump to be guilty of molesting women at the same time that he emphatically declares his innocence. Hillary Clinton's demand that a woman should be believed the moment she speaks is being heard. But is there a scenario where Donald Trump is correct and the women are the guilty parties? Believe it or not, that scenario is not only possible, it's very likely, given the facts we know now.

Jessica Leeds claimed that Donald molested her on an airline flight. But now we know that she got the type of airplane wrong, the armrest could not be raised, and multiple eyewitnesses declare her to be lying. What would cause her to fabricate such a story? To understand, we must go to the infamous Billy Bush tape.

Donald told the truth when he said, "When you're famous, women let you do anything…" Women invite the contact. Donald wasn't starting things, the women were. In short, the women were acting like groupies. That's what the eyewitnesses said. Jessica Leeds attempted to get Donald Trump involved physically, and he either ignored or rebuffed her.

Jessica Leeds seems now to be a proven liar. This is the common characteristic of a sociopath. They lie, deceive, and manipulate for profit or self-amusement… [and] habitually violate the rights of others without remorse (see Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th Edition). If their advances are rejected, one of two things is likely. Either the sociopath will move on to the next mark, or she will become angry and attempt to destroy the mark to compensate for being rejected.

Jessica Leeds could not destroy Donald Trump in real time. But as the presidential campaign developed, Hillary Clinton gave her a platform. The lie she presented was typical. It was filled with detail. An Antisocial Personality Disorder (DSM-5) may have even led her to believe it was true. But she was tripped up by the eyewitnesses and physical facts. And this brings us to a key point.

Sociopaths may promptly tell acquaintances about the supposed evil acts of their mark, but there aren't any eyewitnesses to support their stories, because their stories are always invented. When they get caught, the story shifts to cover the lie. It can take years to uncover the truth, and untold personal damage can occur during that time.

If Jessica Leeds is a sociopath, what about the other accusers? Shouldn't we suspect that where there is smoke there is fire? The answer is, "Yes," but not the way you think. Remember that as you read this, more of their stories are being proven to be lies.

DSM-5 states that Antisocial Personality Disorders affect up to 3.3% of the population. Donald Trump has interacted with tens of thousands of women in his career. If we assume that 1% of them are sociopaths, that's hundreds. And we see fewer than ten accusers?

The real fire here is Hillary Clinton. She is abusing a group of mentally unstable women for her own political gain. The "Women's Warrior" is actually prosecuting a war on women. As soon as they cease to be useful, they will be discarded. It is becoming clear that the entire idea that Donald Trump abuses women is a lie fabricated by Hillary Clinton. And that raises a new question.

"Is Hillary Clinton the biggest sociopath of them all?"