Once again in wake of hot mic tape, predictions of Trump doom were wrong

How many times have the know-it-all pundits written off Donald Trump? They have been wrong every time, the latest being the most famous male bull session in history that supposedly ended the possibility of a Trump win with only 20-some news cycles left.

The Washington Post-ABC poll just released shows only a 4-point margin separating the two candidates:

In a 4 way race

And in a 2-way race

I think that Wikileaks forced the Hillary campaign to unleash the Billy Bush hot mic conversation too early. I might be wrong in that they could have something even worse-appearing held in reserve for the Friday before Election Day. But by unleashing the attack with a month left, the reality that Trump is a macho guy who shot off his mouth about the way women throw themselves at him has been allowed to sink in. The outrage is being mellowed by second thoughts. And by the reality that Hillary orchestrated attacks on the women her husband used and discarded who had the temerity to make noise.