What if Hillary and the Establishment can't steal the election?

There are a multitude of theories going around as to why the FBI reopened the Hillary email case just eleven days before the election.  I have my own. I would have thought all of the new information revealed by WikiLeaks would have been enough to see Hillary's case reopened, but that just didn't seem to do it.  It took a set of emails supposedly obtained during the Anthony Weiner investigation to move that mountain.  What are contained in these new emails that aren't in the Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks?  Is there some new bombshell?  Or could it be that because the public doesn't know what they contain, these emails are useful for purely political purposes?  But to what end? What if it's because they think Donald Trump is about to win the election, and not just win, but win big?  We know (confirmed by WikiLeaks and Project Veritas) that the DNC, media, and pollsters are doing their best to rig the election for...(Read Full Post)