What could have prevented our dilemma with Trump?

Except for the hard-core statists, America has never faced such a presidential voting dilemma.  But we can at least vote against progressive totalitarianism.

I'd rather regurgitate about a candidate's character than see the Constitution further annihilated, increased Supreme Court judicial lawless activism, perilous overspending, federally imposed Common Core, domestic energy stifled, taxation worsened, the military laid waste, small businesses collapsing because of overregulation, political corruption multiplied, welfare recipients increasingly stigmatized, terrorism increased, policies crushing freedom of religion, inflamed race-baiting, identity politicizing, an unabated abortion epidemic, farcical anthropomorphic global warming policies bankrupting our country, pathetic international weakness, surrender to the U.N.'s globalist Agenda 21 communitarianism, law and order continuing to decline, and the best health care system in the world blighted by Obamacare.

We need to be responsibly informed about all these assaults on the principles undergirding American exceptionalism.

Why do most people not realize that these assaults are being aggressively advanced?  If they were more aware, they wouldn't have helped elect President Obama by refusing to vote for McCain and Romney.

Welcome to the exact results of 100 years of American citizens' and state legislators' violating their obligation to deploy the Constitution's Article V power to rein in tyrannical government (fully anticipated by the Constitution's drafters, despite the fact that they carefully enumerated only thirty powers to Congress) and enable our political discourse to prioritize objective constitutional interpretation and natural law principles rather than trivial, juvenile, scurrilous sensationalism, with voters now cathartically beating their chests about a candidate's lack of character.

Conservatives have been comatose since Teddy Roosevelt's genesis of Progressivism, until now the government-public schools-academia-mainstream media-popular culture have become so complicit in diminishing their freedoms, and so ethically debased, that many of them have overreacted by nominating a politically incorrect bombastic candidate who they thought could reverse our descent into socialism.

Our founders provided a constitutional self-repair tool in Article V to prevent central government's theft of local and state powers.  Six of the needed 34 states so far have passed resolutions to hold a convention to propose constitutional amendments.

A century of government perverting its limited purpose by becoming an agent of "social justice" would have been prevented if state legislators had reinforced and amended the Constitution (they have this same ability as Congress and have attempted it hundreds of times) to restrict executive orders, impose congressional single terms (wiping out preoccupation with fund raising and terminating the permanent ruling class), prohibiting lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court, restoring power to the states to overturn unconstitutional decisions by Congress and the Supreme Court, stopping the pervasive faulty application of the Commerce and General Welfare Clauses).

We've relinquished self-government to the statists.  Take back your birthright.  Get educated.  Get active.  Ask your state reps why they refuse to enforce and restore the U.S.  Constitution using their Article V powers. 

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