A nation on the brink and the self-glorifying litmus of the legalist

My frustrated words to my fellow Christians:

Your rhetoric is getting old.  Whom are you trying to convince?  Those who hold a monopoly sure ain't listening.  Your political principles are a sand castle and a desert mirage.  This race is a whole different animal.  Normal rules don't apply.  Criminality abounds, and we're moralizing about Trump?

All bets are off.  These are not ordinary times.  A multitude of Christians and libertarians are so enamored of their own pious righteousness that their sole purpose seems to be shaming those who perceive a glimmer of opportunity – a very freakish and unique one at that – in the election before us.

If you had a loved one in danger and there was a 5% chance you could save her, would you take it?  Even conservative stalwart Ted Cruz is closer to Trump than the systematic establishment.  It's all very telling.

Quite possibly the guilting legalist is merely acting out of his own ignorance.  Too many have bought into the deceptions.  They believe that the system is legit.  Where have they been the last eight years?  They may own their local jurisdiction, but when will a presidential candidate implement truly faithful legislation to ensure a better tomorrow?  The Republicans always cave when it truly matters.  Will abortion ever be eradicated?  Will the sanctity of marriage and faithful, responsible living ever make the agenda?  The truth is that Republicans don't fight for family and morality.  They (right along with their rival Democrats) fight for money, power, special interests, global preservation, and their own debauchery.

Even Ronald Reagan spent time at the Grove

We are not even an afterthought.  The whims of the global elites come first.  The faith, family, and freedom of the American was extinguished from the platform at least half a century ago.  It's time to wake up to that reality.  The true faithful act is not a stand against the personal morality of an accidental candidate, but a firm stand against a satanic system.  That is where the fight should be waged.  Let Trump create the diversion and attack the demon at its root.  See the battle for what it truly is if you are not too busy pointing the finger to do so.  Say your piece and let your action or inaction lead the way.  But stop puffing yourself up as you chastise your brother and embolden the luciferian landscape.  You either attack the big lie or become an agent of the enemy.  That's the way I see it.  God is no friend to the White House.

I'm not saying a Trump vote will make things right, but a prayerful one may be a righteous act of rebellion against a perpetual political antichrist.

Of course, you could declare to have no part in any of it.  I understand that Trump is a long shot.  He will probably be made to fall in line, or maybe even worse.  But maybe he gets enough insulation to do the right thing.

How will God judge?  If we are certain we are on the right side, must we spend all our days flaunting our spiritual and moral superiority?  Are we truly defying our trust in the Lord if we attempt to vote against the bigger sinister agenda?  Let's not be so hard on those who choose to make that cause their line in the sand.

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