Video of police gently detaining drunk black man outrages liberals

A video has been released showing the police in Edina, Minnesota being brutally, brutally gentle to a drunken black man who was walking in the middle of a busy street. The incident started when Larnie B. Thomas was seen by an undercover policeman walking in the middle of a crowded road.  Apparently, the police asked Thomas to walk on the sidewalk, but the man did not respond.  Then the policeman got out and approached him.  Thomas started to yell and curse the policeman. At that point, a concerned bystander started filming the incident.  The officer grabbed Thomas firmly by his jacket, and Thomas started to yell and curse even more. The woman recording the incident kept pleading to the policeman, "Don't you see how scared he is?" in between the times when the man was cursing the policeman.  "Why don't you simply instruct him where to walk?" the woman recording the incident asked.  But the policeman, incredibly,...(Read Full Post)