Usurping democracy

Russia’s offer to send monitors to U.S. polling stations was rebuked by the U.S. State Department.  Nevertheless, given that most Americans are not confident that their votes will be counted correctly, it was a devilishly clever propaganda ploy. 

Trump’s ambivalence toward accepting the election results swamped coverage of the third debate.  He’s not alone in the wilderness on this, as many Americans are wary of voter fraud; deceptive polls; and dirty, despicable tricks.

With a bit of wit, it’s possible to assert that some of our systems, perhaps even the election, are rigged, without giving Hillary the opportunity to sanctimoniously retort that that’s “talking down our democracy.”  Even without that wit or nuance, what’s worse: talking down our democracy or usurping it? 

It’s obvious, the latter being anathema to our democratic traditions.  But our Pravda-like MSM, a virtual arm of Commissar Clinton’s campaign, is reticent to expose her dictatorial deceit.  While Americans are inherently good, those who fall prey to the Clintons’ unbridled ambition are quickly corrupted.  Here are a few reminders:

  • A big Hillary supporter, Terry McAuliffe’s PAC gave the wife of a high-level FBI official helping to oversee the Clinton email investigation about $500,000 for a state senate campaign.
  • Money from DOJ-imposed fines on banks is being funneled to leftist groups that push votes for Democrats.
  • A Hillary Clinton campaign consultant arranged to have women bullied at Trump rallies.
  • Hillary encouraged Donald Duck trolls to incite crowds, her coordination with a PAC being a likely violation of election law.
  • There were suspicious communications between the Clinton campaign and DOJ while she was being investigated. 
  • DHS is rushing citizenship applications in bid to affect the election.
  • The IRS is still harassing conservative groups.

Hillary’s election machine is as crooked as she is, bullying malleable minions into corrupt compliance.  Her sordid efforts to undermine our democracy are foreboding, and much more dangerous than Trump’s “talking it down,” which merely reflects the disenchanted political ethos Obama has induced.

One can understand Russia’s eagerness to exploit Hillary’s Machiavellian tactics to usurp democracy.

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