Trump supporters should vote as close as possible to election day

While the media, Democrats, and traitor Republicans engage in relentless faux outrage over something Trump said, the dirty deeds of Democrat vote fraud will go on unabated if not emboldened as this election nears.  O’Keefe’s Project Veritas videos demonstrate just how entrenched vote and voter fraud is within the Democratic Party.  The brazenness with which Democrat political operative Scott Foval declares in O’Keefe’s second video, “We've been bussing people in to deal with you f------ a------- for fifty years and we're not going to stop now.  We're just going to find a different way to do it” only confirms what many have suspected all along.

Early voting is available in 36 states, nine of those being current battleground states.  In 2000, 16% of voters took advantage of early voting, rising to 35% of voters in 2012.  It is predicted that roughly 40% of eligible voters will partake in early voting this year.  While early votes are not supposed to be officially counted until Election Day, tabulations of the characteristics of early voters are scrutinized, with media currently reporting early voting “results.”  And really, how much do we trust that actual vote tallies are not being somehow forwarded to Democrat political operatives?

We should do everything we can to scuttle their efforts.  Trump supporters should try to vote as close to November 8 as possible.  In doing so, we withhold information potential Democrat saboteurs can use to strategize their vote fraud tactics, especially if we do indeed have a groundswell of Trump supporters not captured in the polls.  So let’s not make their job any easier by letting them use early vote results to potentially make mischief in voting districts predicted to be highly competitive.  Make them expend resources grasping at straws as to where to plant their fraudulent votes.  Vote late, and keep them guessing!

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