Two wrongs make a right

FBI director James F. Comey has recently and arguably pulled off two of the most idiotic blunders a public official could possibly make.

First, on July 5, he refused to send a recommendation to the Justice Department to prosecute Hillary Clinton for criminal use of a personal server while SecState, infuriating Republicans and kicking off congressional hearings and a move to impeach him, while reportedly prompting a near revolt among FBI rank and file.  Then, last Friday, October 28, eleven days before the presidential election, Comey revealed that the FBI had discovered emails that were potentially relevant to the investigation of the Clinton server, infuriating Democrats who accused him of breaking the department's practices of not commenting on ongoing investigations and not undertaking any actions that could influence an election.

The astonishing thing about this amazing chain of events is that, with the Friday email reveal, Comey and the FBI appear to have clawed back some of the credibility and respect they lost after the Clinton non-indictment debacle.  Republicans and Donald Trump are delightedly taking to the offensive while Democrats are chastened, sullen, and defensive.  And that, to anyone with a fair mind, is how it should be...and how polls show a majority of Americans feel. 

Meanwhile, Comey extracts himself after serving a mere five months in the Idiot Public Servant Penalty Box, briefly joining Supreme Court chief justice John Roberts, who resides there permanently.

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