The latest Clinton train wreck: Deja vu all over again

The latest...

...New WikiLeaks indicating that Clinton insiders knew that her emails were hacked.

...New WikiLeaks indicating pay-to-play incest between Teneo and Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative, to the personal financial benefit of Bill and Hillary's coffers.

...New information about confidential emails shared between Hillary and Huma Abedin on Huma's personal Yahoo server.

...FBI suddenly announces to Congress that it is reopening its investigation into Hillary's email issues.


The timing of all this makes me skeptical.

Can we trust James Comey that the FBI is merely informing Congress that more investigation is needed, based on recently discovered emails shared with Huma Abedin?  

Or is the lid about to blow on the scam run by Bill and Hillary Inc. and their acolytes within the system?  Do the Justice Department and the FBI need to reopen the investigation so they have "grounds" to immunize other players in the scam, so as to protect Bill and Hillary and Barack?  

Or is there new evidence so conclusive that even the Clinton abettors cannot protect her any longer?  

Can you believe we even ask these questions?  

No question is too cynical these days, no angle too improbable.  These people think we're stupid, says Trump.  Washington and the corporate media fire back that Trump is a crude and malicious threat to world security.  Why do they say this?  They say it because, like Dracula, they hate mirrors.  He makes them look at themselves.  And they don't like it because there's nothing of substance to see in the mirror.  That's how the game is played in Washington.

The corporate media are in a bind.  No longer can they spin this election in Hillary's favor based on phony polling data.  Their meta-narrative has failed.  Nobody but the Kool-Aid drinkers believe that Trump supporters are rednecks and deplorables.  Notice how media polling results have changed this past week?  From an insurmountable +12 lead by Clinton on a mere +4 lead by Clinton two days a tight race in the swing states one day later?  

The media would have you think that today's voters are stupid and fickle and unable to make up their minds.  Yes, apparently the deplorables cannot decide whom to vote for from one day to the next.  That's how corporate media spins the story.  God forbid they should say Trump has a chance to win.  That doesn't fit the meta-narrative.  They (the deplorables) are stupid, and we (the narrators) are wise and informed.  Yeah, that's the ticket!

As we get closer to the election, and as early voting results come in, the media lies no longer hold up.  Corporate media discover they have a credibility problem and, more importantly, a portentous bottom-line financial problem.  If they miss the mark too widely in their "objective" reporting, they forfeit the last bit of credibility they have to report on any major news story.  

To lose credibility is to lose viewers and advertising dollars and, in the end, the influence they have enjoyed for decades.  They are terrified by the possibility of a pro-Trump monster vote on Nov. 8.  And of their own loss of prestige.  Humiliation looms in front of them. 

They realize – only too late – that Trump has played them like the preening, ideological, and self-serving fools they are.  He trumped their vanity and turned it against them.  He "owned" his own life history and turned that ownership into credibility.  He tapped into common sense – a key requisite for business success – and found himself riding a "yuge" tidal wave of American sentiment.  

And what is that sentiment?  Simply this: Obama, Clinton, and most of the Uniparty that goes by the name of "Democrat" or "Republican" do not care one whit about you.  They don't even care about the real issues in America.  All they care about is doing enough to get re-elected.  It's lucrative work if you can get it.  If they can lie, they will.  They know that their sins will be forgotten when the next news cycle rolls around.  Just ask Obama.  You can keep your medical plan.  You can keep your doctor.  The cost curve will bend down and save you about $2,500 a year in medical expenses.  Naturally, he didn't mean you specifically.  Or anyone you know.  But hey, the news cycle is now about Hillary.  Nobody is thinking about Obama these days.  His popularity is up in the polls.  That's how it works in Washington.

Speaking of habitual liars, listen to Hillary tell you that "I did not send or receive any emails marked classified."  Remember that line?  She assumes that you don't.  It worked for Obama, so why shouldn't it work for her?  Right?  The Obamas and Clintons don't care about you.  Lies and weasel words are their stock in trade.  They care about themselves.  They care about their comfort and their futures, no more and no less.  If you believe otherwise, you may well qualify as a patriotic believer in the American dream, but you are woefully naive or willfully blind.

Poor Bill Clinton.  He's about to go the way of Bill Cosby and Woody Allen – too old to play the oboe for girls once fascinated (or abused) by his instrument.  His wit has blunted.  His step is slower, his face ashen and resigned to the cumulative burden of his life philosophy.  His influence has been usurped by Obama's popularity in all the old haunts once frequented by Bill and Hillary.  But those days are coming to an end.

I suspect that Bill will age quickly as new lawsuits begin.  The abused women won't get him, but the Clinton Foundation will.  I imagine he and Hillary won't see the end of litigation before they die.  Hopefully they lose all access to their ill gotten gains.

Okay, so where was I?  Ah, yes, Hillary...train wreck...déjà vu.

Think Groundhog Day, a story that won't quit repeating itself.

Then on November 8 comes the monster vote – or, as I prefer to call it, a reset button.

Andrew Jackson will smile.

R. Stephen Bowden blogs at The Steve Bowden Journal.

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