Think it can't be worse? Really?

After nearly eight years under the "leadership" of Barack Obama, most Americans looked forward to the election of 2016.  Yet when the primaries were finally said and done, the candidates selected to represent the Republican and the Democrat parties resulted in a massive boost in the sales of Pepto-Bismol throughout the United States. Almost all the people I've spoken to in the past six months expressed, in multiple (and frequently very creative) ways, that they believe that this is possibly the worst matchup in the history of the Republic.  They tell me again and again that it couldn't be worse, that we have a choice that results in a selection of "really bad" or "much worse." Believing that this is the worst it could be is wishful thinking at its most extreme.  Imagine a national election that consisted of David Duke versus Charlie Manson.  That would be worse, when you consider that one of them would actually...(Read Full Post)