The new normal...whether you like it or not

Beyond all the scandals and criminal results of blind ambition and greed that Hillary Clinton and her sleazy insider aides represent, her political policies are the ideology of what has to be called Obama's "new normal," the fundamental change he promised to bring to America. The new normal that Obama brags about and that Hillary embraces is over one third of adults not working in an economy that Democrats and their media sycophants claim is fantastic, as good as it could ever be, and somehow better than it's ever been...except that anyone other than the vocal Democrat one-percenters, from Hollywood and Beverly Hills to Park Avenue and Wall Street, knows that the economy isn't anything to brag about, and upward mobility isn't the American dream anymore.  The new American dream is not being killed by an Islamic jihadist terrorist (the Voldemort whose name Americans are not allowed to say). The new normal is already normal. The new normal is...(Read Full Post)