The new normal...whether you like it or not

Beyond all the scandals and criminal results of blind ambition and greed that Hillary Clinton and her sleazy insider aides represent, her political policies are the ideology of what has to be called Obama's "new normal," the fundamental change he promised to bring to America.

The new normal that Obama brags about and that Hillary embraces is over one third of adults not working in an economy that Democrats and their media sycophants claim is fantastic, as good as it could ever be, and somehow better than it's ever been...except that anyone other than the vocal Democrat one-percenters, from Hollywood and Beverly Hills to Park Avenue and Wall Street, knows that the economy isn't anything to brag about, and upward mobility isn't the American dream anymore.  The new American dream is not being killed by an Islamic jihadist terrorist (the Voldemort whose name Americans are not allowed to say).

The new normal is already normal.

The new normal is costly, pointless regulations that make business and innovation cost-prohibitive.  The new normal is turning the entire United States government into an ineffective tool to fight global warming, which, even if one blindly embraces every faulty, unscientific, panicked rant about climate change, none of the policies that manage to inhibit economic growth amounts to even a hill of beans in gaining anything at all on the reduction of CO2 over the next century.  The new normal is sacrificing pragmatism to symbolism and achieving nothing for all of that.

The new normal is a horrible education designed to better prepare American children to be politically correct social justice warrior zombies more in need of a safe space than able to contribute to even their own neighborhoods, let alone their country or even larger borderless world, which Obama and Hillary favor over real villages and real people right here in America, or anywhere in all the world.  The left believes in some distant symbolic global village ideal, a feel-good concept that amounts to a Madison Avenue sound bite, rather than what political insiders instead call flyover country, where they can't even find a decent delicatessen.

The new normal is black history that proclaims that Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas is a footnote and Anita Hill, who served the rabid desires of Democrat attackers against a successful black man for political purposes, is the ideal black person.

Is there a better job in the new normal to go after than congressman, from which you can retire after two years and receive a full pension from that moment on?

The new normal is dangerous, generic, unlivable cities becoming more like dystopian science fiction, ruled by gangs and by violent will, than communities of families going to work.  The new normal is gang rule and bullets flying through walls, killing innocent children, while leftist insider politicians instill hatred for the police and civil order to gin up anger enough to rouse a voting bloc in November.  The new normal is community organizing and not building anything in the burned out rubble of anything that once was there, faith and society and people.  The concept of home is not a part of the new normal under Obama and Hillary.

In the new normal, politics is in everything.  In the new normal, no one can find a moment's respite from leftist ideological scolds, most all of whom are of the "do as I say, not as I do" school of "I'm rich, so I know it all, peons."  It infects TV shows; art; books; and now, in 2016, the National Football League, where athletes living large bemoan the horrible, unfair society they are pretty sure they can sort of imagine that the "little" people must live in.

In 2016, resentment is the acceptable expression of Obama's and Hillary's new normal.  That's the issue in this election.