The FBI/State Department scandal

The Watergate “smoking gun” was that Nixon suggested that the CIA tell the FBI to back off the investigation because of national security reasons.  The CIA was never instructed to do so, and the FBI did its investigation.  Here, the Obama State Department “pressured” the FBI to alter documents so Hillary’s story would be believable, and State offered some goodies like slots in overseas embassies.  The Obama State Department actually did what Nixon only dreamed and talked about.

On October 15, 2016, Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard reported:

A senior State Department official repeatedly pressed the FBI to change the classification of emails stored on Hillary Clinton's private server, according to FBI interview summaries set to be released in the coming days. Patrick Kennedy, the undersecretary of state for management, discussed providing additional overseas slots for the FBI in exchange for revisions to classifications of the sensitive emails.

In plain English, the Obama State Department asked the FBI to phony up the emails marked confidential so the emails were consistent with Hillary’s story.  In return, the FBI would get some juicy overseas slots.  This shows what the Obama State Department thinks of the FBI: the Comey FBI can be bought with a couple of overseas slots.

There is no way that Patrick Kennedy, or anyone at State, would have made the move to the FBI to fix Hillary’s emails unless the move was approved by higher-ups.  In these political conspiracies, there are “buffers” between guys like Patrick Kennedy and the higher-ups.  The Obama State Department is run by John Kerry, who does what Obama tells him to do.

This begs for an investigation by an independent prosecutor, and the Senate and House Judiciary Committees should immediately subpoena Kennedy, Kerry, Comey, and the agents involved.

Comey should have revealed this in his July 5 news conference, when he listed Hillary’s lies and extreme negligence but gave her a pass.

The FBI has been compromised by Hillary and Obama.  Its once sterling reputation is shattered.  Comey should have recommended indictment of Hillary along with those who made the offer to phony up the documents.  If we had a Justice Department, there would be a grand jury right now issuing subpoenas to the FBI agents and Patrick Kennedy and John Kerry, and all other buffers between Kennedy and Hillary and Obama.

If we had a halfway honest media, right now this would be 24-hour news, with a name for the scandal like Slotgate, State-FBIgate, Fix Hillary’s Emailgate, or some other name.

But where are the Republicans on this?  If Republicans did this, Democrats would be all over it, and justifiably, demanding investigations.

McConnell, Ryan, McCain, Romney, and other Republican leaders should be on TV asking why this pressure was applied, who applied it, who ordered it, who stands to benefit from it, and demanding answers from Obama.  They should be asking why Obama and Michelle are campaigning every day to help Hillary, which is consistent with the Obama State Department trying to help Hillary.

But the Ryan-McCain Republicans are hiding in the corner, denying they know Trump and jumping ship, and giving Obama and Hillary another pass.

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