What would it take to get you to shop at Walmart?

A new report came out revealing that Walmart has taken some modest steps to improve its recent slide in sales, adding more products to its stores and training employees on the proper way to put products on the shelves (yes, seriously).

But much work remains to be done.  To grow, Walmart has to persuade people who don't shop there to do so.  It should be an easy draw; Walmart has the lowest prices.  But let's face it: Walmarts in urban and some suburban areas have a clientele that turns off a lot of shoppers.  And I'm not talking about race; I'm talking about behavior.

The solution may be a code of conduct.  Private property owners, like shopping centers, can legally institute codes of conduct, rules shoppers must abide by when they come on the property.  Here are some ideas for codes of conduct that might lure shoppers back to Walmart

1) No nudity.  Nudity and partial nudity have sometimes been a problem at Walmart.

2) A ban on transparent clothing.  Transparent clothing + thongs = trouble.


3) A requirement that shirts be worn at all times.

4) A prohibition on customers with signs.

Other things that might help:

5) Better security in the parking lots.  A long time ago, I went to a Walmart in Richmond, California.  (For those of you who don't know Richmond, California, it makes Oakland look like Martha's Vineyard.)  The parking lot looked like a scene straight out of Escape from New York, with homeless hanging out with shopping carts, staring at the cars, even people sitting in their cars, for no apparent reason.  The fear of having my car or myself violated made me reluctant to return there.

6) Better security in stores.  Stories of fights are all too common in Walmarts.  This can be stopped with more security, and banning people who fight in stores.

What about it?  What could persuade you to shop at Walmart?

Ed Straker is the senior writer at NewsMachete.com.

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