The cluelessness of 'WWWDC'

The pollsters keep telling us how badly Trump is doing with white women with college degrees (WWWCD).  They always report this with a certain glee because it validates their set-in-stone notion that only really stupid people would support Trump.  But if one has been paying attention for the last forty years, it is easy to see why that particular group would loathe Mr. Trump.   After all, since the late sixties, they have been taught that the "correct" attitudes toward race, class, and gender are all-important, above all else.  Such attitudes are more important than the economy, than national security, more important than freedom or education.  So of course they will vote against Trump with confidence that they are doing the right thing, the intellectually superior thing.  Who cares about jobs, debt, or terrorism when they feel their gender is not being properly valued?  Trump spoke crudely about...(Read Full Post)