The cluelessness of 'WWWDC'

The pollsters keep telling us how badly Trump is doing with white women with college degrees (WWWCD).  They always report this with a certain glee because it validates their set-in-stone notion that only really stupid people would support Trump.  But if one has been paying attention for the last forty years, it is easy to see why that particular group would loathe Mr. Trump.  

After all, since the late sixties, they have been taught that the "correct" attitudes toward race, class, and gender are all-important, above all else.  Such attitudes are more important than the economy, than national security, more important than freedom or education.  So of course they will vote against Trump with confidence that they are doing the right thing, the intellectually superior thing.  Who cares about jobs, debt, or terrorism when they feel their gender is not being properly valued?  Trump spoke crudely about women!  That's it.  He must not be elected.  The future of the country be damned.

These same intellectually superior ladies rallied around Bill Clinton, who actually physically used and abused many women.   Journalist Nina Burleigh pledged to prostrate herself in gratitude for keeping abortion legal.  She was not at all concerned with his sexual molestation of a young intern.  These WWWCD have double standards, the hypocrisy of which escapes them completely.  Bill was a Democrat, and Trump is a nominal Republican.  The other thing they learned in college was that you never, ever vote Republican.  They do not need to consider all the ramifications of their decision; they have been properly indoctrinated and are incapable of venturing out of their comfort zone. 

They can read about Hillary's many, many crimes all day long, and it won't make them think.  They can watch the James O'Keefe videos – all-out criminal behavior, including violence and the degeneracy they reveal about how the Clinton campaign operates, and it won't bother them a bit.  Isn't that how politics has always been played? they ask.  Only on the left.  They can read the shabby, snarky, calculating emails released by WikiLeaks and think, So what?  She has to do whatever she must to win.  That they demonstrate Hillary's and her cohorts' complete contempt for "everyday people," for religious people, does not upset them one bit either; they have contempt for those same people.  They were carefully taught while in university.

They don't care that she put our national security at risk to hide the get-rich schemes she ran through the State Department.  They don't care that she took in hundreds of millions of dollars for doing nothing but help all the people who donated big money to the Clinton Foundation amass more wealth than they already have.  She has never produced a single thing – not a job, not a constructive policy or legislative success.  She has used the power she has gained by hanging on to her husband's coattails only to grasp more power, more wealth.

As secretary of state, everything she touched with regard to policy was and remains a disaster: Libya, Russia, Iran, Syria, terrorism, Obamacare.  Those anti-Trump white women with college degrees care about none of this.  They do not care that she is a proven liar of the pathological variety and has been for forty years.  They do not care that their daughters' and granddaughters' lives will be severely impacted by the tax-and-spend polices she has proposed, by her ridiculous support for a genderless society, by her open-borders promise that will bring in hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East, Mexico, and Central and South America who are already bringing to our nation once eradicated diseases, murderous criminal gangs, and terrorism.

They should take a look at the rape statistics of the European countries who have been blighted by more refugees than can be assimilated.  Those statistics have skyrocketed.  These privileged white women with college degrees do not care.  They care about being politically correct.  That's it.  They are shallow and uninformed.  They are willing to sell out their country for an empty ideology based on rules that would make Orwell proud.

It was a shock to millions of Republicans when Trump became the nominee.  But those of us who preferred any one of the other primary candidates realize that to elect Hillary Clinton is to hammer another nail, perhaps the final nail, in the coffin of the United States as a free country.  Hillary means to further punish those who have been successful enough to provide jobs for others.  That means fewer jobs.  She will most likely continue her habit of selling access and favors to the world's highest bidders.  

At tonight's debate, Ms. Clinton confidently spewed her scripted blather, which always, always depends on her assumption that everyday people are gullible and uninformed.  Barely a word of what she had to say is real or true.  But she is a slick and practiced debater.  Trump, on the other hand, is a clumsy debater, inexperienced in the art of gotcha politics not based on facts.  All he knows is what he knows business and the economy and that the country is being destroyed by the policies of Obama and that it would be further damaged by a President Clinton.  

She, by all accounts, is an arrogant and cruel person to those around her, who work for her, guard her, drive her, wait on her.  Is not that the ultimate test of character?  How one treats the people who cannot do anything for her?  She has failed that test for forty years.  She is slick and politically correct, but it is hard to grasp that those WWWCDs are so easily fooled by such a nasty woman.  Hillary could not care less about them once they vote.