Such a nasty woman

At the end of the debate, while Hillary was droning on with snippets rehearsed, Trump gave the best description of Hillary.  He said, "Such a nasty woman."  Who could disagree with that?  She is nasty and a woman. On substance and manner, Trump was clearly the winner.  Hillary gave her usual robotic answers sprinkled with cheap shots, which is her preparation for the past week. Trump brought out that the violence at his rally in Chicago and other rallies was caused by operatives of the Clinton campaign.  Hillary did not deny it. On the Middle East disaster in Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Libya, Trump clearly stated that Obama and Hillary, as secretary of state, caused the disaster by withdrawing from Iraq without leaving a force.  Hilary did not deny it. On Mosul, Trump said we announced several months ago that we would attack Mosul to get the ISIS leaders, thus giving the ISIS heads-up to leave.  Hillary did not defend giving the...(Read Full Post)