Speaker Ryan: Every man for himself, forget Trump

It appears that Speaker Paul Ryan has concluded that Trump will not win and that Hillary will be the next president.  This is the only logical explanation for Ryan telling House members that he will not support or defend Trump and will not campaign for Trump.

He advised House members to do as they please – support or do not support Trump.

He told them: "You all need to do what's best for you in your district."

In plain English, Ryan is saying, Every man for himself.  Jump ship.

 Of course, Ryan has not exactly been campaigning for, supporting, or defending Trump, so his lack of participation is negligible.  But what is damaging is announcing that he will not support, campaign for, or defend Trump.  The MSM are in full attack Trump mode to help Hillary.  The MSM highlight every Republican who announces he will not support Trump.  Ryan, while not highly regarded by the conservative base, carries political weight because he is the House speaker and was the V.P. nominee with Romney.  Thus, we have the 2012 Republican ticket refusing to support the 2016 ticket and, in Romney's case, actively calling for Trump to withdraw.

There was no reason for Ryan to go public with his "jump ship" advice, which only gives the MSM more ammunition to attack Trump.  It was particularly offensive for Ryan to make this announcement the day after Trump's big win over Hillary in the second debate, because the MSM is now focusing on Ryan instead of Trump's win.

Ryan is concerned with saving the House majority.  But Hillary as president will continue to bypass Congress to rule by executive orders and agency regulations.  We have had the House since 2010, and so what?  Under the weak leadership of Boehner and Ryan, Obama has governed as he pleases.  Hillary will do the same.

Ryan, and the rest of the Republicans like McCain, Flake, Chaffetz, Thune, and Ayotte may save their office, and they will continue to enjoy the lifestyle of the D.C. political class.  But they are finished for consideration of any national office.   The base, which supports Trump, will never support any of these for national office, and some will be primaried out.

It does not matter that Trump is pushing for the Republican/conservative agenda that these Republicans say the agree with.  Dirty language is more important than the Republican agenda for our country.

The MSM will praise Ryan and the rest as principled statesmen.  They always do when Republicans support the Democrat agenda and work against Republicans.  But Hillary and Democrats have no respect for these Republicans because nobody has respect for those who stab their mates in the back.  And the voters will not forget or forgive those who helped Hillary win, if she does win.

This may be the last real election for president, because if Hillary wins, we will have a single-payer health care system, amnesty, open borders, and high tax rates.  These policies will be embedded in our government just like the New Deal and Great Society legislation and programs.

This is the time to unite and fight to defeat Hillary.  With Ryan's public desertion and call for everyone to do what is best for himself, it is up to the brave, the few, the band of brothers to fight and defeat Hillary.

Ryan will think of himself as accursed because he did not stand to fight to defeat Hillary, and he will  hold his manhood cheap because he  refused to fight to save our country from Hillary.