Hillary Clinton: 'Unquestionably well-prepared'?

I’ve been in the intelligence racket for almost 30 years (intel is like the mob or civil service: once you’re in, you’re in), and I’ve taken to reading a wide variety of news sources, despite the orientation.  I remember reading regularly the propaganda of my nation’s enemies, including Pravda, Izvestia, The People’s Workers Daily, and The New York Times.

I’ve been a reader of Foreign Policy for several years, and while I often find their articles out in left field, sometimes, like NPR, they hit it out of the park.  Very well researched, reasoned, thoughtful pieces.

This is not one of them.

I’ve said since the summer that the choice in the election is not “good vs. better” or “good vs. bad,” “lesser of two evils, ” or even “sucks less.”  This is the decision between two piles of excrement and which one stinks less than the other.

Knowing what will happen with America if Mrs. Bill Clinton is let back into the White House, the only option I see is to walk in, hold my nose, and vote for Trump.

And I will get drunk after that.

Now, Foreign Policy, if you want to say your endorsement of Mrs. Bill Clinton is because she stinks slightly less than Trump, okay, I can see the point.  But when you put this on your endorsement:

Hillary Clinton is a quality candidate who is unquestionably well-prepared to lead this country.

...what country are you referring to?  It is certainly not the United State of America.

Mrs. Bill Clinton is a former cabinet member and legitimate candidate for the highest office in the land only because her name is Mrs. Bill Clinton.  She took an Ivy League law degree to Arkansas and was a rainmaker for the Rose Law Firm.  As first lady of Arkansas, she took the state’s schools from 48 to 49 in overall ranking (thank God for Mississippi).  In the 1992 election and first Clinton term, she occupied herself with handing bimbo eruptions for her husband and attempting to socialize health care.  Fortunately, the Republicans were not gutless wonders as they are now, and Hillarycare was stopped.

After delusions of sniper fire, she was given a Senate seat in a state she has no relation to and barely lives in.  In eight years spent preparing for the 2008 election, her accomplishments as senator are...I’m still waiting.  After being denied the nomination in 2008 that was hers by divine right, and being dumped by the Dems for the “clean, articulate black man” who gave Chris Matthews a “thrill up his leg,” Mrs. Bill Clinton was brought into the State Department where, true to form, everything she touched turned into a disaster.  Syria, Libya, China, Russia, one debacle after another.  I guess that makes her a “quality candidate who is unquestionably well-prepared to lead this country“ into oblivion. 

No one could question the ability of Margaret Thatcher to lead Great Britain in a time of crisis, but she had spent a lifetime in the arena, engaging in ideas.  People knew she would be something without her husband Dennis.  With Mrs. Bill Clinton's campaign, all you see is simply a naked, narcissistic power-grab and lifetime ambition for the highest office in the land.  And if it means sacrificing your future and the future of your descendants, well, it’s tough for you.

Don’t worry, F.P. – I’ll keep paying you the $3.99 a month for the daily emails.  They can be enlightening at times, at some times delusional (see linked filed), and other times just funny.

God help us all.

Michael A. Thiac is a police patrol sergeant and a retired Army intelligence officer.  When not patrolling the streets, he can be found on A Cop’s Watch.