Raindrops of hypocrisy keep falling on my head

Did Yogi Berra say that it's déjà vu all over again?  It certainly feels as if the 1990s want their sex chats back.    Back in 1998, I literally removed one of our sons from the living room when the late Peter Jennings was talking about whatever President Clinton and Miss Monica did in the Oval Office. It got even more interesting when I had coffee the next day with a liberal colleague who had a suite on the same floor that I did.  My question went like this: "Aren't you embarrassed or concerned about hearing what was going on in the Oval Office?"    His answer sort of went like this: "Crap, all powerful men are sex deviants.  Remember JFK.  Besides, how are your mutual funds doing?"    My follow-up: "Isn't it a bit reckless for a U.S. president to engage in such behavior?  How do we know that she won't blackmail him or a double agent?  We do...(Read Full Post)