Hillary’s peeps are all about finding verbal chinks in the pitted Trump armor. But harping on the Alicia Machado nothingburger of Trump’s calling her “Ms. Piggy” and “Ms. Housekeeping” is a waste of breath. Machado was overweight. She was contractually obligated to stay within the confines of beauty contestant parameters, and she overshot and ignored those parameters with a hyperbolic carb intake of about 50 pounds.  In terms of the Ms. Housekeeping name-calling, it does not rise to the level of most of what Hillary has rained down on the enemies who seemed to people her W.H. stay, according to the books penned by her former Secret Service men.  And the articles and books by her counsel guy when she was in the White House, Dick Morris, and others. And though it does not suit the mainstreamers to acknowledge it, Trump had a business to defend.  Machado being unequal to the tasks deemed mandatory...(Read Full Post)