Hillary’s peeps are all about finding verbal chinks in the pitted Trump armor.

But harping on the Alicia Machado nothingburger of Trump’s calling her “Ms. Piggy” and “Ms. Housekeeping” is a waste of breath.

Machado was overweight. She was contractually obligated to stay within the confines of beauty contestant parameters, and she overshot and ignored those parameters with a hyperbolic carb intake of about 50 pounds.  In terms of the Ms. Housekeeping name-calling, it does not rise to the level of most of what Hillary has rained down on the enemies who seemed to people her W.H. stay, according to the books penned by her former Secret Service men.  And the articles and books by her counsel guy when she was in the White House, Dick Morris, and others.

And though it does not suit the mainstreamers to acknowledge it, Trump had a business to defend.  Machado being unequal to the tasks deemed mandatory for a Ms. Universe meant he would be liable for damages, loss of credibility, and an ambushed brand.

More important than the trivial no-account remarks that have not been corroborated by a very unsavory ex-Ms. Universe, the dubious Ms. Machado, with all manner of troubling charges against her – threatening the life of a Venezuelan judge, accessory to a murder by driving the getaway car, having a child by a convicted gangster, participating in porn filming, etc. could not with a straight face reconfirm any of the charges against Trump on Megyn Kelly’s program after the first presidential debate in September, where Machado wove a tapestry of evasion such that any folk quilter would have marveled at.

Concomitant to all this folderol over nothing is the long-skein failure of Hillary to address the onerous and grim record of umpteen Muslim countries in regard to their mistreatment of women.

A new documentary, The FaithKeepers, produced by Richard Green and reporter Roma Downey, itemizes in excruciating detail the horrors of true male mistreatment of women: gang rapes so heinous they result in death, plus endless fealty to beheadings of women, men, children by the avatars of “tolerance,” the Muslim marauders who loathe the existence of Christians, Yazidis, Jews, and Copts in their midst for only 2,000 and some years. 

Oh, no: Islam is only 1,400 years old, and Christians out-age them by 700 years or so.

Honor killings of their own maimed and maltreated women.  Forced conversions and kidnappings and abductions of whole school-loads of girls and women.  Selling these captives on the open market as slaves for the slugs who then abuse the women and girls unto death.  Not to mention torture as a rule, not exception, for captured women.  Nor, of course, the overall banning of women from driving, traveling alone, working outside the home, or suing for their own lives, domestic arrangements, or unheard-of gay right to not have a male husband/overlord.

For all these, the “Ms. Piggy”-quoting smartest woman in the world has done and said...nothing.

And Hillary has done about the approximately 100,000,000 women sustaining the egregious insult and permanent violation of their persons via female genital mutilation, exactly zero.

So, wow, Trump calling a fat contract beauty contestant Ms. Piggy is simply awful, terrible, unbelievable.  But Hillary, mighty champion of women and children for the full 99 years of her ravaging the earth, collects not a promissory note from the media on their coverage of her scalding failure to do one thing for one abused, tortured, abducted, kidnapped rape-room refugee from a single Muslim hellhole.

Rather, Ms. Hillary collected tens of millions of dollars from these Muslim female hellholes via her consistently shadowy-worrisome Clinton Family Foundation when she was secretary of state, and she exchanged infusions of millions of bucks for favors not granted normally by anyone to anyone else, without the say-so of the Congress or the oversight of the White House for such significant favors and grants, especially those countries not deemed our dearest chums.

Those are Big Issue concerns.  Machado falls into the rubric of Very Small Ball infinitesimalities.

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