Looking for a Democrat to say 'no more'

Over the last few days, we've heard about Trump's audio and women. These remarks offended a lot of Republicans, including me. And many GOP leaders were willing to go public with their comments. We've also learned more about the Democrats and the secret war against Senator Sanders. This is a portion of that report: The latest release reveals current DNC chair Donna Brazile, when working as a DNC vice chair, forwarded to the Clinton campaign a January 2016 email obtained from the Bernie Sanders campaign, released by Sarah Ford, Sanders’ deputy national press secretary, announcing a Twitter storm from Sanders’ African-American outreach team. “FYI” Brazile wrote to the Clinton staff. “Thank you for the heads up on this Donna,” replied Clinton campaign spokesperson Adrienne Elrod. Are any Democrats offended that their primary was rigged? Where is Senator Sanders? Doesn't Senator Sanders owe his millions of supporters a...(Read Full Post)