Liberal in-sign-ity

The Washington Post just posted the confessional account of an über-lib voter who used the very favorable platform of that Trump-detesting cage-liner to fess up to her criminal behavior in stealing Trump yard signs in her very tony, upper-middle-class home town of Falmouth, coastal Maine.  As she tells it, she and her liberal Democrat fem-pals just couldn't stand to see all those Trump signs on display, so they hopped in her hatchback and went about their mission of ripping them up and hauling them away.  Until, that is, they got stopped by one of Falmouth's finest, who correctly informed them that they were engaged in criminal activities, a not unusual occurrence for Democrats during election season.  After relieving the political plunderers of their burning burden of "about 40" Trump signs, the officer apparently wrote out a ticket, because the confessor and her cohorts received a court summons next day.

Of course, she's now sorry for her lapse into liberal lawlessness, but like most lefties, where nothing is really ever their fault, she sings a familiar refrain.  Bush made her do it – Billy Bush that is, he of the infamous "pussy" tape.  Yep, it was that horrible tape that re-energized her mental anguish over some wealthy board member who had hit on her years before, and now she demanded her vengeance via vigilantism.  In any event, the lady says she's now contrite, but as some cynical commenter noted, she's a writer and is probably trying to use The Donald's candidacy as her springboard to national recognition. Amazing, isn't it, how many of these women attacking Trump are in the process of opening businesses or expanding their careers.  Guy's not even elected yet, and he's already creating jobs at a faster clip than Obama after eight years of Democrat policies.

What is perhaps the funniest revelation of this mea culpa is one I'm sure neither the author nor the Washington Post intended but included nonetheless (emphasis mine):

The escapade was not premeditated: We simply jumped into my Jetta wagon, drove down to the strip and got to work. In all, it took less than 20 minutes. We grabbed about 40 signs and threw them in the hatchback. I hadn't really thought about what I would do with the signs; I just wanted them gone. At the time, we believed we were doing the right thing. There were so many Trump signs up and down our main drag — it was destroying all sense of equilibrium in our community.

And therein, folks, lies the tale.

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