Lesbian artist produces masterful painting of bearded Michelle Obama

Lesbian artist J. Muse proves that gender identity can be a fluid concept, at least when it comes to Michelle Obama.  Muse produced a painting of Michelle Obama where Mrs. Obama, if not openly bearded, appears to have a strong 4 o'clock shadow.

Critics may look at the "painting" and say it is merely a photo with the contrast cranked up, but on the other hand, it could be a very clever painting made to look exactly like a photo with the contrast cranked up!  Which is more likely?

J. Muse's wife [sic], Adrienne (Madam) Muse, taught the budding artist how to paint just a year ago. 

"When I saw the T Magazine's spread, I instantly thought, 'Wow can she be president please?'" J. Muse said. "I just feel sad that the Obamas are leaving office. I wanted to immortalize the First Lady and the leadership she possesses. The expression in her face just oozes black girl magic!"

What do you think?  Does Mrs. Obama's face ooze black girl magic?

These last couple of weeks leading up to election day are sure to come with lots of nail biting, eye rolling, Twitter ranting, and stress eating. But we're counting on J. Muse's portrait to remind us that, even in these darkest of times, when we have a leader as thoughtful, strong, compassionate and all around queenly as Michelle, we're doing OK. 

While the portrait was largely popular within the HuffPo community, there were a few dissenters:

Brillion Lynch · Sorry, I think it's a terrible picture. What's the brown ring around her face? It looks like she has beard!

Joel Gibbs ·  Brillion Lynch I am a Fine Arts Grad student and I agree. It was obviously run through some Photoshop filter and transfered to canvas and painted.

Allen Barrett Brillion Lynch I agree, not very appealing at all to me and I was once an art major. It looks like she has a beard.

Bobby Rigner She's a little too Caucasian for my liking. I like my women dark!

How does Mrs. Obama's painting inspire you?  As for me, I am more inspired by the artist's own vacuous smile, which to me sums up the liberal intelligentsia in only 16 teeth.

Ed Straker is the senior writer at NewsMachete.com.