Is Trump a goner?

The Clinton Organization’s oppo research capabilities are without peer in the world of American politics.  The value of strategically timed embarrassing info on an opponent, leaked at the precisely correct moment, was proved in 2000 when Al Gore nearly won the presidency.  The teetotaler candidate George W. Bush was exposed as having pleaded guilty to DUI two dozen years earlier, and that is reckoned to have depressed voter turnout, especially among evangelicals and those outraged by drunk drivers, enough to have made the difference. The leak of an old hot mic recording of a private conversation between a TV host and Trump probably was originally scheduled for the Friday before Election Day.  But the Wikileaks revelations about Hillary could not be allowed to dominate the weekend pre-debate chatter.  The released tapes have now repelled enough people that Trump may not be able to recover.  Unless they can somehow be moved to forgive him.  Thanks...(Read Full Post)