Immigration and ‘far-right’ rhetoric

On Sept. 22, Time magazine ran “European Politics Are Swinging to the Right” by Simon Shuster (it ran Oct. 3 in wood pulp).  The article is a nice little roundup about the emergence of new political parties in Europe and their recent electoral successes.  The new populism sweeping across the continent is a response to the immigration crisis and to the heavy-handedness of the E.U.’s central government, with its unelected bureaucrats in Brussels setting the rules for distant peoples.  Several E.U. member states have balked at Brussels’s demand to take more refugees.  And then there’s Brexit, which has inspired similar plebiscites in other nations, like France and the Netherlands.  Shuster writes: But the insurgency is not limited to Europe. All the rising rightist parties are aligned with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in what they encourage voters to fear: migrants taking your jobs, Muslims threatening...(Read Full Post)