I’m shocked, shocked at Trump’s naughty words

Captain Louis Renault, the reluctant toady of the Nazis occupying the French colony Morocco, brilliantly portrayed by Claude Rains in Casablanca, contributed a very useful expression to the English language when he self-righteously claimed to be “shocked, shocked” to see gambling going on here at the smoky, gin-soaked gambling lair in Morocco, just before he is handed his winnings: So the latest entry in the long saga of emasculation and wussification of American males ledgers in the 11-year-old guy-talk palaver between a media type named Billy Bush and a private-citizen entrepreneur with a blond thatch by the name of Donald J. Trump, the latter long a beauty pageant aficionado and purveyor of what my investor hedge-fund group calls the “honeys.”  He’s married to his third wife, a leggy beauty from Eastern Europe. What the crude excerpt from 2005 shows and tells is the hot open mic of two men jagging when they think they are...(Read Full Post)