Hillary’s rages

The United States cannot afford a president subject to fits of irrational rage.  Yet that is a serious possibility, given what we can reasonably infer about the health of Hillary Clinton.  Dr. Ted Noel's diagnostic talks (here, here, and here) about Hillary Clinton's many signs of Parkinson's Disease (P.D.) make a convincing case, to me, at least, that she has moderately advanced P.D., though most M.D.s would want to examine her personally, get access to her X-rays and CAT scans, medication list, blood tests, and all the rest.  We will never get that information from the Hillary camp, which is bound and determined to catapult Hillary over the last few weeks into the presidency, and let the country be damned.

From a more honorable and patriotic generation of politicians, running while suffering from a degenerative brain disease would have been inconceivable.  FDR suffered from polio but was mentally alert and capable.  JFK suffered from back pain and needed opiates, but again, he seemed healthy and alert. 

Further exploration of the medical science of P.D. shows that it is often accompanied by impulsive rage attacks.  We know that Hillary has shown intense and aggressive rage a number of times, often with considerable justification when her husband's sexual compulsions seemed to endanger their political careers time and time again.  She has not had an easy life, and I don't have to consider her qualified to feel compassion for her.  Compassion is not the same thing as voting for a dangerously flawed, intellectually unacceptable, ultra-corrupt, and in some cases grossly immoral politician. 

The Libya invasion of a country we had no quarrel with, leading to an ongoing bloody civil war, is proof to me of her decision-making immorality.  Hillary's grotesque victory speech  "We came, we saw, he died" – sounds utterly sociopathic.  American presidents don't celebrate the deaths of neutral heads of state, period.  George W. Bush accepted Saddam Hussein's arrest for trial by Iraqis.  He did not rejoice in it.  For me, Hillary's behavior is utterly disqualifying.

Hillary's behavior is consistent, however, with bouts of rage, which have been reported by inside sources for many years.  Reasonably normal politicians show anger and rage when they miss the Big Prize, but it is not irrational rage.  Normal anger and rage have plausible reasons.  Irrational rage does not.

Hillary's now infamous rage at Donna Brazile and Matt Lauer after the last town hall was reported by Breitbart on its Facebook page

We’ve all heard stories of Hillary’s rampages. I would certainly never want to be the object of one of her psychotic episodes. I almost feel sorry for her staff.

Christina Reynolds, Deputy Communications Director for the Clinton campaign, and Donna Brazile, chair of the campaign, received scathing rebukes from Hillary after Matt Lauer went “Rogue” on her.

According to inside sources, after the town hall with Matt, Hillary went ballistic, throwing a huge tantrum, with personal calls to Comcast executives, the parent company of NBC Universal. I guess they got the message with all of the ridiculous headlines to follow over the next couple of days.

A PubMed search on (Parkinson's Disease) and (impulsive behavior)  brings up many citations. 

Here is one: 

J Neurol Sci. 2016 Sep 15;368:150-4. doi: 10.1016/j.jns.2016.07.003. Epub 2016 Jul 2.

The high prevalence of impulse control behaviors in patients with early-onset Parkinson's disease: A cross-sectional multicenter study.

The public knows that Hillary has had health problems, though she has looked comparatively radiant and in full control in her debate performances.  Managing to employ all the arts of medicine and makeup for a 90-minute ordeal is one thing, but responding to the 3 AM phone call is quite another.

I wonder if Tim Kaine has been fully briefed on Hillary Clinton’s medical records.  My guess is that Huma Abedin knows a lot more than he does a situation that could well continue should there be future seizures, rages, and worse.

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