Hillary Clinton: Devil's advocate

Al Pacino's movie The Devil's Advocate is a good analogy for Hillary Clinton on the moral question of using free will to choose making a deal with the devil to advance her career. The plot: Pacino is the devil and the head of a rich and powerful New York City  law firm.  Keanu Reeves is a young attorney and the devil's son.  Reeves is practicing criminal law in Florida, representing a man who molested a young girl.  He goes all out, pulling every defense trick, to walk the rapist.  He destroys the young girl's credibility on cross exam.  Reeves is then recruited to the Pacino law firm, where he mingles with the rich and powerful and makes tons of money, but his wife descends into mental illness. At the end, Pacino gives a speech.  The gist is that we have free will to make decisions whether to do the right thing or not.  Reeves made the decision to walk the rapist and go for the big money.  At the end, Reeves is...(Read Full Post)