Gay YouTube 'star' charged in fake hate crime incident

We're all familiar with the lengths that some people will go to fake a "hate crime."  But gay activist Calum McSwiggan, an online personality known for his blog posts and YouTube videos, went above and beyond to become a fake "victim."


On Monday, the 26-year-old McSwiggan, pleaded not guilty to one felony count of vandalism over $400 damage and one misdemeanor count of [filing a] false report to a peace officer.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Nov. 7 at the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Airport branch.

According to the felony complaint, McSwiggan damaged the car mirror and bumper of a vehicle on June 27. The defendant then is alleged to have falsely reported to police that he had been beaten by the vehicle’s driver and two other men, the DA said.

McSwiggan had several broken teeth in the “attack” and said three men gay bashed him outside the popular bar, The Abbey.  Officials said his wounds — he also needed stitches in his head — were self-inflicted. They said he used a pay phone inside the sheriff’s station to cause the damage to his face.

The defendant — a YouTube star and gay rights activist — faces a possible maximum sentence of three years and six months in county jail if convicted of the charges.

This will go down in history as the most painful fake hate crime ever. Knocking out your own teeth and gashing your head open just to get a little attention?  The young man has serious mental health issues that need to be addressed.

Every fake crime reported makes it harder to believe the victim when actual assaults take place.  Also, there is an epidemic of fake hate crimes on campus as minorities and others see how victims are lionized and feted by liberals.  This appears to be motivation enough to create a fictitious hate incident where the "victim" becomes the center of attention.

As long as certain minorities are granted unquestioned moral authority every time they report a hate crime, rather than objectively investigating an incident and withholding judgment, there will be more fake hate crimes to deal with.