Dorothy Rabinowitz turns her coat

One of the most deplorable opinion pieces on the election to date appeared in the September 30 Wall Street Journal under the byline of Dorothy Rabinowitz. 

In it, Rabinowitz calls Hillary “experienced, forward looking, indomitably determined and eminently sane.”  The only accurate description here is “indomitably determined.”  As for experience, there were no actual accomplishments listed because there would be few if any.  There were no examples of forward-looking policies or anything that displayed sanity.

There is nothing at all "forward looking" about policies that make the private sector smaller and the public sector bigger.  There is nothing progressive about making more people dependent on government.

Also overlooked in the piece:

  • The reset button with Russia.
  • When Hillary called Assad a reformer.
  • When Hillary said the Egypt government was stable right before its collapse.
  • When Hillary said she had no idea that more security was needed in Libya.
  • The hundreds of billions given to Iran under the pretense that the mullahs will all of a sudden obey a fictitious agreement.
  • A candidate who blamed “trickle-down economics” for the 2008 collapse, ignoring the bubble created by government-sponsored housing loans.
  • A candidate who has said that people shouldn’t believe that businesses or corporations create jobs.
  • Hillary’s proposal for massively higher taxes while pretending that won’t affect economic growth.
  • Hillary’s claim that kids will be debt-free when they get out of college when all she proposes is free public tuition.
  • The private server, about which Hillary continues to lie.
  • The claim that the VA fraud and wait time problems weren’t that bad.
  • Hillary’s references to a fictitious “vast right-wing conspiracy.”
  • Hillary’s call for raising the minimum wage when inner-city, minority, and youth unemployment are extremely high already.  
  • The attempt to destroy the coal industry and other fossil fuel industries.

Rabinowitz says “she alone stands between America and the reign of the most unstable, unfit president in U.S. history”  The person who is obviously unfit and unqualified is the person who has continuously violated security laws and who, along with the president, did not lift a finger to save American lives in Benghazi but concocted a lie to protect their political power.

Perhaps someday, the media will actually list accomplishments of Hillary, but we have yet to see them.  Traveling and holding titles are not important accomplishments.  Usually she will be described as extremely intelligent, and we have yet to see any proof of that, either.

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