Of course Trump is a real conservative

War has a way of clarifying where people stand.  When the Hitler War came to Europe, the French government fled from Paris to Vichy and offered to Hitler all the innocent French Jews he could murder.  Vichy France surrendered with hardly a shot fired. The worst war in European history did nothing good, but it clarified Good and Evil.  Almost every occupied country in Europe turned out to have its native Nazis.  Denmark was a noble exception, but Sweden sold arms to both Hitler and the Allies.  Norway had its Quisling.  War clarifies, and generally the things it shows are shocking and discouraging. Perhaps the most shocking fact today is the open betrayal of the Conn-es – the self-proclaimed conservative establishment has openly abandoned the nominee of the Republican Party.  Don't misunderstand this: the very conservatives who have been flying the flag of true most vigorously have betrayed the cause.  This is the...(Read Full Post)