Canada’s Iranian-born cabinet minister could have citizenship revoked

Canada’s ominously titled “minister of democratic institutions,” Maryam Monsef remains embroiled in a scandal over her life in Iran and Afghanistan before emigrating to Canada in 1996. The initial narrative on Monsef soon after her election as a federal member of Parliament last October was that she was “born in Afghanistan [in 1985] and raised in the western city of Herat ... [and that] her mother tried to ‘make life work’ while in Iran, but her family wasn't welcome there[.] ... As illegal refugees, she said, they also lived under the constant threat of deportation.” However, recent investigations have shown she was actually born in Iran in 1984, a fact Monsef now admits, and that her mother hid the truth of her real birthplace (and apparently birth date as well).  Her original story of a very unpleasant life in Iran also appears to conflict with her more recent claims that her family was “technically safe in...(Read Full Post)
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