Bribery and obstruction of justice: FBI alteration of Clinton emails

Obama and his State Department, with the assistance of the MSM, are trying to spin the State Department asking for reclassification of Hillary's emails in return for overseas slots as just a discussion with no wrongdoing involved.  Obama stresses that the email was not reclassified and no overseas slots were given to the FBI. Spin in D.C. is called lying outside D.C. This is absurd and legally nonsense.  If I offer to bribe a police officer, it does not matter whether he accepts or not.  If I tell a police officer, How about reclassifying the drunk driving charge to reckless driving?  And by the way, you can use my condo for vacation, that is crime.  Exactly the same occurred here.  It does not matter if I only say, Do me a favor, and I will do you a favor.  It does not matter if we did not go through with it. The problem is that Obama and Hillary have gotten away with whatever they do, so this is nothing to them.  They just shrug...(Read Full Post)