As civil society crumbles, flash mob loots Apple store

Make no mistake: we are sliding toward something like a third-world urban reality, with street violence frequent and law enforcement unwilling or unable to do much about it.  In certain Latin American, Asian, and African cities, stores containing valuables have bars, locked entrances, and armed guards.  Those with enough money hire armed guards and lie behind walls with barbed wire at the top. There are powerful forces attacking the legitimacy of the civil order of the United States.  Black Lives Matter is merely the newest visible component of the effort, but efforts are underway to release into the population violent criminals (because “mass incarceration”), to dispute the legitimacy of criminal convictions based on the group rights theory of “disparate impact,” to shackle police tactics, to incite mob violence against police, and to devastate morale and hamper recruitment. Apple Stores are bright, shiny, and full of valuable...(Read Full Post)